A Trip to Polywood…

At Polywood, trash becomes treasure.

A trip to the Polywood factory in Syracuse, Indiana feels like touring Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Except, instead of sugar, it’s post-consumer plastic trash, and instead of candy, the end result is durable, sustainable outdoor furniture. DNN was lucky enough to get the golden ticket invite inside, a front row seat to see how the adirondack chairs are made. Let’s take a look:


Leaders in sustainability

Numerous things set Polywood apart from competitors; among them is their relentless pursuit of excellence in sustainability. They’ve gone beyond recycling and implemented a closed-loop manufacturing process. This means that they reuse 99% of the waste generated during production, reducing their environmental impact to an unprecedented degree.

Estate Lounge Collection, part of Polywood’s Designer’s Series

Polywood’s commitment to environmental responsibility starts with their choice of materials. They have revolutionized the outdoor furniture industry by developing a groundbreaking alternative to traditional wood, utilizing a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from recycled plastic, which they produce themselves. Rare to find a furniture vendor who is also the manufacturer of their own lumber. By repurposing discarded plastic waste, Polywood not only prevents it from ending up in landfills or oceans, but they also eliminate the need to harvest precious timber resources.

Latitude Dining Collection, part of Polywood’s Designer Series

But the sustainability achievements don’t stop there! Polywood has also integrated solar panels into their manufacturing facility, harnessing clean, renewable energy to power their operations. This strategic move showcases their commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly alternatives.

Polywood is built to last

Beyond the production process, Polywood ensures that their products are built to last. By carefully engineering their furniture with durability in mind, they help combat the disposable culture that plagues many industries. Investing in Polywood means investing in long-lasting, low-maintenance pieces that won’t end up in a landfill after a short period of use.

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They are committed to giving back to the environment. They have partnered with various environmental organizations, planting thousands of trees to restore ecosystems and support reforestation efforts. This dedication to biodiversity and ecological preservation further emphasizes their mission to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Polywood’s sustainability initiatives should inspire us all. By prioritizing responsible manufacturing, embracing recycled materials, incorporating renewable energy sources, and actively contributing to environmental causes, they have become an industry leader in sustainable practices.

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