Alexandra Kaehler fills a gap in the upholstery marketplace 

You are not going to come to Alexandra Kaehler for a beige sofa. There are plenty of options in the market for that. The goal in launching her new Heirloom Collection was to create a designer-quality custom upholstery program with unique options, accessible to consumers. The R + D was simple: Take the vintage and custom pieces they were specing repeatedly for clients and create versions accessible to the retail consumer. The target audience: homeowners who want something in-the-realm-of-but-more-creative than RH. They have budgets for home improvement, but are designing their homes themselves, rather than working with designers. The Sadie chair, for example, is a custom made creation of a smaller scale that is hard to source in retail, but that has found its way in numerous clients’ homes and now, a signature piece in the Heirloom Collection. Click play on the video below to watch DNN Editor in Chief, Courtney Porter, in conversation with Alexandra Kaehler. 

Alexandra Kaehler knows what consumers want

The Heirloom Collection is a gorgeous compliment to her newly launched line of fabric and wall coverings with textile house, Merinda Studio, reminiscent of an escape to Nantucket, Kaehler’s favorite getaway. What you get with both lines is something that is difficult for a big box retailer to provide: the careful eye of an interior designer who is working directly in the homes of clients on a regular basis. As Kaehler puts it, the collection is, “something that is niche, but also marketable.” What she is picking up on is part of a larger consumer trend in the marketplace: the consumer reaction to oversaturation. Consumers want products and lines that are not for Mass-with-a-capital-M consumption, but are still appealing to a larger audience than one-off custom creations. There is a new balance between accessibility and uniqueness that The Heirloom and Nantucket collections is striking that we can expect to see more of in the next several years. We are in the era of successful niche lines.

More about Alexandra Kaehler Design

Alexandra Kaehler Design is celebrated for their mastery in crafting homes that seamlessly blend aesthetic charm with everyday functionality. This core philosophy finds its embodiment in the Heirloom Collection, where an array of fabrics has been meticulously curated to harmonize with their commitment to creating residences that are not only visually pleasing but also eminently comfortable and functional, ensuring that the essence of a cherished and actively lived-in home is preserved while maintaining an unwavering focus on exceptional design. 

A native of Chicago’s suburbs, Alexandra currently resides there with her husband and three children. Initially pursuing a career in advertising, she underwent a transformative journey when she launched a lifestyle blog in 2009, discovering her true passion for design. Her path led her to Harrington College of Design for post-graduate studies, culminating in the establishment of her design firm, Alexandra Kaehler Design, in 2011.

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In the realm of design, Alexandra Kaehler Design has cultivated an approach that delves deep into understanding clients on an emotional level, discerning their desired lifestyle within their homes. Alex’s profound affinity for design lies in its intimate connection to the emotions and thoughts of those she designs for. This sentiment is skillfully translated into unique designs that reflect the essence of each homeowner, employing elements such as color, pattern, texture, and a diverse array of furniture styles and eras to craft one-of-a-kind living spaces.

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