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Rise of The Hotel Lobby Home ™

It’s time we bid the modern farmhouse adieu. There’s a new suburban architectural trend that finds its influences from the rise in popularity of vacation rentals and boutique hotels. We’re calling it the Hotel Lobby Home.

Whole home health and designing with heart

Austin-based firm Triple Heart Design, led by principal designer Shelagh Conway, has carved out a unique niche focusing on “whole-home health” – integrating principles of sustainability, natural elements, and spiritual wellness into every design project.

Wellness design for your mind, body and spirit with Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith discusses his “Find Your Home Within” wellness design philosophy and how he uses neuroaesthetics to make customized design decisions for his clients and for his new furniture line, Hedra, in collaboration with Model No.

How AI is transforming kitchen design with Isla Porter

Emerging AI technology is set to shake up the kitchen design and renovation, with the launch of new company Isla Porter this spring. The custom kitchen cabinetry company, founded by industry veterans Sharon Dranko and Emily Arthur, pairs powerful AI capabilities with forward design to reimagine the kitchen renovation process. 

The New York Design Center’s chief marketing officer on how to market a design center

As The New York Design Center celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, the venerable institution is thriving. With a remarkable 98% occupancy rate, the NYDC is attracting some of the biggest names as new tenants, from international design stars like De Le Cuona and House of Hackney to regional powerhouses like Atlanta’s R. Hughes and LA’s Hollywood at Home. In a wide-ranging interview, with DNN, the building’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alix Lerman, discussed how the NYDC remains ahead of the curve through innovative programming, a focus on tenant success, engaging editorial content, and an overall commitment to evolving with the times.

Jennifer Miller blooms where she is planted 

Los Angeles-based designer Jenny Miller infuses a warm, California-cool aesthetic into her interiors, and she is bringing those same sun-drenched landscapes to her premier collection of wall coverings and art prints at Miller House, aptly titled “The California Garden Collection.”

Chihuly Studio’s “art for all” approach helps them grow with their audience

When it comes to brand collaborations, Chihuly Studio ensures Dale Chihuly’s iconic artistic vision remains the driving force, even when the goal is reaching an increasingly wider, and younger, audience. 

Schumacher knows how designers shop

Schumacher & Co. CEO Timur Yumusaklar and creative director Dara Caponigro sit down with DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter to discuss the 135-year-old heritage brand’s expansion of its physical footprint in Charlotte and beyond.

Finding the “wow factor” with designer Deana Lenz

For interior designer Deana Lenz, creating a memorable living space goes beyond selecting furniture and finishes. The key, she says, is finding that elusive “wow factor” that elevates a project from mundane to extraordinary. Where does a designer like Lenz turn to find it?

The rise of artificial intelligence in interior design: industry experts give us a glimpse of the future

Designers and architects have incredibly complex jobs, which means the possibility of their roles being replaced by AI in the near future is highly unlikely. The bigger concern should be around other designers who are adopting AI to get ahead.