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Designer Lauren Meichtry on ‘making it home’

Having moved a staggering 29 times in 40 years, designer Lauren Meichtry knows how important it is to create a sense of home wherever you are living. Two years ago, she made another big move — this one a shift in her career as she branched out from her pillow and home accessories business, opening an interior design arm and expanding her e-commerce shop Elise Home to Elsie Home + Design.

Will 2024 be a dreary year for interior designers?

A new survey hints at slowdowns in business for designers. See what firms are doing to stay productive and profitable in 2024 and start making your own plans for a successful year ahead.

Color forecast: Optimistic, sizzling, versatile hues ahead

For each palette, FS selects an “anchor color,” and for Savory Brights, it’s Urgent Orange, a standout hue among standout hues.

How the Mix Master is shaking things up in Minneapolis

As her team has grown from two to six members in the past few years, Heather Peterson is rethinking her role at her Minneapolis-based firm, Heather Peterson Design. And with the recent addition of a second senior designer, she’s able to move into a creative director role.

How Jamie Young stays fresh and focused

After more than 25 years in the home furnishings industry, Jamie Young is determined to keep her business — and her products — fresh.

science in design summit in high point

Good design starts with asking the right questions

Creating restorative, healing, energizing spaces — the sanctuaries that many clients crave and need — starts by asking them the right questions. Designers who spoke as part of the recent Design, Art & Science Symposium in High Point shared the questions they use in initial client meetings.

Creating spaces that care for people

Dr. Rebecca Tapia, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist in San Antonio, believes that interior designers have a superpower: the ability to dramatically improve the physical and mental health of their clients.

How neuroaesthetics inform Suchi Reddy’s work

Architect, designer and artist Suchi Reddy would like to move discussions about design beyond the realm of style.

Not that there’s anything wrong with style. But design is so much more — so much more fundamental to the human experience, says Reddy, the founder of Reddymade, a New York-based architecture and design firm. Reddy will give the keynote address at the inaugural Design, Art & Science Symposium on Friday, Oct. 13. The symposium is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Loft in Congdon Yards in High Point. Reddy’s keynote, “Form Follows Feeling: Neuroaesthetics in Interior Design,” will begin at 9:15 a.m.

Trend watching: What’s ahead for 2024

The upcoming High Point Market Oct. 14-18 is a great place to suss out burgeoning home furnishings trends, but it also can be helpful to head into the market with some design directions already in mind.

To help you shop the show, we’ve gathered trend watches from interior designers, design platforms and others. Here’s a look at some of what they say will shape home design in 2024 and beyond.

Averylily: From design firm to product launch

he design studio is just a year old, but it’s on its feet in a very, very solid way and doing incredible projects. So, we’re being super conscientious of not distracting that part of the business while we’re launching a product line. They’re very different businesses. One is a high-touch service business, and one is about e-commerce, product development, inventory control and planning. I’m very conscious of what it really takes to be successful, so we’re launching the product in a thoughtful and slow way to make sure we have the right team and the right operation. We want to deliver a high-quality experience on both sides of the business.