Interior Design

Whole home health and designing with heart

Austin-based firm Triple Heart Design, led by principal designer Shelagh Conway, has carved out a unique niche focusing on “whole-home health” – integrating principles of sustainability, natural elements, and spiritual wellness into every design project.

Fashion forward: unveiling the top interior design trends of 2024

Discover the top interior design trends for 2024, including the fusion of fashion and interior design, the rise of quiet luxury, the latte decorating aesthetic, home and garden design trends, strategies for positive impact through design, ASIDs 2024 design trends, and the long-term implications for designers and homeowners.

How Houz of Rebel gets things done

With a growing staff and recent rebranding, the New York-based firm led by Lindsay Biondo is poised for big things.

Who needs an interior designer?

Has a do-it-yourself mindset conditioned people to think they can manage the complexities of interior design on their own?

Elisa Baran Tréan and Out of Stok Vintage launch French vintage furniture & accessories curation

Showcasing a gorgeous selection of design and home decor items, all pieces have been sourced directly from the South of France 

Finding the “wow factor” with designer Deana Lenz

For interior designer Deana Lenz, creating a memorable living space goes beyond selecting furniture and finishes. The key, she says, is finding that elusive “wow factor” that elevates a project from mundane to extraordinary. Where does a designer like Lenz turn to find it?

Designer Spotlight: Tova Kook of TK Design

Tova Kook’s insights inspire young creatives who haven’t quite found their “thing” yet but feel the urge to keep on going: Follow that instinct.

Junior League of Buffalo seeks historic home for 2025 showhouse

The Junior League of Buffalo is looking for a home with historical and architectural value to be transformed into its 23rd Decorators’ Show House next spring.

Little Greene presents ‘Sweet Treats’ a capsule collection of nine delectable colors 

April 18 2024 sees the launch of Little Greene’s ‘Sweet Treats’, a curated collection of warm, neutral  shades of honey, caramel and chocolate, each color inspired by delicious desserts and some of the  worlds most tasteful sweet treats.

Designing a loft for a chocolatier

Brooklyn-based design firm Almost Studio recently completed their latest project, a Loft for a Chocolatier. The historic chocolate factory was originally built in 1947 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, along Myrtle Avenue.