Crypton’s era of design leadership: an interview with Crypton’s VP of Design, Grainne Coogan

Crypton is in their era of design leadership

It seems like every showroom you walk into at High Point Market, there is a sofa covered in Crypton. In great part, their new VP of design, Grainne Coogan, is to thank for that. Though she is relatively new to the company, Coogan is already making her mark. Click play on the video below to watch our discussion:


She wants showrooms to take more design risks

One of the unusual perspectives a textile design executive has at market is seeing how other showrooms use their product. It is unlike rugs or accessories, frequently found accenting other showrooms – those are products that are often smaller and can be easily moved around, but an upholstered sectional: that’s the hero of the room scene and it’s there to stay. One observation Coogan had from this past market was that showrooms tended to play it safe – she would love to see bolder choices being made, and, of course, just on more giant sectionals in general.

The biggest trend is wellness design

Crypton’s new fabric line Celiant, in collaboration with Kravet puts wellness at the forefront of the design process. Crypton Celliant is a technologically advanced fabric designed to enhance the wellness and comfort of users. The fabric integrates Celliant, a patented technology that harnesses the body’s natural energy to promote increased oxygen levels and circulation.

Crypton Celliant fabric offers several benefits. It is engineered to convert body heat into infrared energy, which is then reabsorbed by the body. This process is believed to promote blood flow, improve tissue oxygenation, and aid in faster muscle recovery. The fabric also offers protection against spills, stains, and odors, making it durable and easy to clean. Additionally, Crypton Celliant is available in a variety of colors and patterns, providing aesthetic versatility for residential applications.

“Any smart company is looking to contribute [to the environment] in a positive way” – Grainne Coogan

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Sustainability R&D is Crypton’s success secret

One of the things that made Coogan want to join Crypton was that it is run like a tech company. Balancing the look and the hand with being a sustainable, healthy product is the challenge that Crypton’s relentless research and development is constantly solving. Their formulas don’t come from a spray bottle. It’s not a one-size-fits-all blanket treatment. It is formulated for the specific fibers in an individual fabric.

The fusion of contract and residential design

The wellness trend in residential design was undoubtedly borrowed from contract – an increase in boutique hotels focused exclusively on wellness and restaurants emphasizing farm-to-table menus. In terms of color and fiber, however; Coogan tells us, contract design is borrowing a from residential right now. The pandemic had a lot to do with the push and pull between residential and contract design’s influence on one another. Do we want our hotel rooms to feel exactly like our homes because they’re familiar? Or nothing like our homes because we were stuck inside them for so long?  Right now, that answer seems to be like our homes but a little novel and certainly healthy. The relationship between contract and residential design will be an interesting one to monitor and looking at the fabrics being used is a good indicator of where the needle is pointing.

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