CSL takes an evolutionary leap forward with premium rebrand rollout 

Empowering and instilling confidence among today’s top architects, lighting designers and builders the sophisticated rebrand further positions CSL as a leader in high-performance lighting solutions

September 2023 – (Los Angeles, CA) – CSL (Creative Systems Lighting), a division of Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) and leading manufacturer of high-performance, architecturally-driven lighting solutions for commercial and residential spaces, is thrilled to introduce a new look and feel. The complete rebrand includes an evolved brand aesthetic, refined logo and messaging, and an enhanced website experience, all aimed at further distinguishing itself among recessed lighting competitors and solidifying the brand’s position as a provider of evolutionarily-forward products within the architectural lighting industry.

CSL’s new visual identity presents technical information often associated with recessed lighting in a refreshing and approachable way, setting it apart from competitors with a conversational voice designed to inspire excitement and foster a strong sense of connection between customers and the brand. The rebrand introduces an aesthetic of warm tones and simple iconography, which has been thoughtfully integrated across CSL’s website, revamped logo, and product and lifestyle photography. This modern approach highlights the brand’s comprehensive range of lighting solutions in a modern manner to architects, high-end home builders, lighting designers, and agents with diverse project needs and specifications, without sacrificing the sophistication CSL is known for.

CSL’s rebrand is a reflection of the brand’s ongoing dedication to expanding its customer network by effectively communicating the breadth and versatility of its product portfolio, and ability to accommodate a wide range of commercial and residential lighting needs. With a new aesthetic and refined messaging, CSL looks forward to articulating to new and existing partners that the brand is a trusted friend sitting squarely at the intersection of technical savviness, reliability, quality, and accessibility.

CSL has perfected its portfolio to include a full suite of unparalleled, performance-engineered solutions that represent an evolutionary leap forward in architectural lighting including Recessed Downlights, Multiples, and Cylinders, and the rebrand strongly articulates this to set CSL apart from its industry competitors. 

To learn more about CSL’s products and services, and to experience the rebrand online, visit www.csllighting.com.

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About CSL 

For over 30 years, CSL has delivered high-performance commercial and residential lighting solutions that empower and instill confidence among today’s top architects, lighting designers, and builders. Combining industry-leading advanced optical systems, patented adjustability, and clean, quiet ceiling aesthetics, CSL’s full suite of performance-engineered solutions inclusive of Recessed Downlights, Multiples, and Cylinders represents an evolutionary leap forward in architectural lighting. Its devotion to exhaustive research & development results in delivering high-quality, seamlessly adjustable lighting with no glare at various beam spreads and no harsh cut-off. As innovators in cutting-edge lighting solutions, CSL sits squarely at the intersection of technical savviness, reliability, quality and accessibility. 

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