Four Hands introduces game-changing new line

Furniture and accessories producer Four Hands is betting on a new product category, unveiling a line of luxury game tables and tabletop games that combine the fun of friendly competition with artisan-made style.

The Four Hands Ping Pong table converts to a dining table that seats 10 when the net is removed.

The initial line includes seven products, with more to come, according to the Austin, Texas-based company.

“We’re excited to launch this new collection, which combines beautiful design and unique materials,” said Adam Dunn, vice president of design for Four Hands. “At the core of this collection is quality. Each game is handmade by a skilled artisan who has been practicing his or her craft for years, or even generations. It’s a perfect representation of the Four Hands brand, and our promise to elevate the style of today’s spaces.”

The poker table features built-ins for drinks and poker chips. It seats six.

To develop these games and game tables, Four Hands partnered with a family-run factory in Mexico that has been creating hand-crafted products for more than 30 years. Each is one-of-a-kind piece. Components include hand-finished Mexican oak and Guanacaste wood, along with oxidized metal that’s weathered in a month-long process to create unique finishes.

In producing the line, Four Hands is aiming for zero waste and notes that, for example, its tic-tac-toe game is carved from the interior of a live edge bowl “to utilize all parts of a naturally fallen tree and minimize waste.”

The backgammon board includes inlaid vaneers designed to age as the game is played and enjoyed over the years.
  • The Four Hands Ping Pong table is a two-in-one, functioning as a game table for two or four players and converting to a dining table that seats 10. It is constructed of a blend of hand-finished Guanacaste wood and oxidized metal. The table includes a removable net that attaches and detaches with built-in magnets, plus four wood paddles and four balls. It retails for $8,999.
  • The poker table, which seats six, features built-ins to hold poker chips and drinks. It is made of hand-finished Guanacaste wood and aged metal, giving each table a unique feel ($7,499).
  • The backgammon game comes in a case made of spalted primavera and features dice hand cast from recycled glass. The backgammon board itself sports inlaid veneers, designed to develop marks and a patina over time as the game is played and enjoyed. The set includes four small dice, one large die,15 white chips and 15 black chips ($2,199).
  • The domino set is a sleek, modern update of the traditional game. The dominoes are made of cast aluminum, giving them an impressive weight. They store in a box made of reclaimed wood. Left out on a table, the set is stunning on its own ($499.)
The domino set includes cast aluminum dominoes in a box made of reclaimed wood.

Other initial items in the line are a foosball table ($6,999), table hockey set ($6,599) and tic-tac-toe game ($399).

Games and game tables are available to retailers and interior designers through the company’s Marketplace trade channel. Sage Interiors + Design is carrying the new products for consumers.

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