Heritage collection by Draga & Aurel

Heritage is an exclusive collection of unique vintage pieces from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies personally selected by Draga & Aurel in thrift shops and markets around the world and restyled according to the unique style and aesthetics of the artist couple.

Sideboards, chests of drawers, and consoles are just some of the objects that are deconstructed and disassembled once they arrive in the Como atelier; every detail is carefully studied to enhance their design to the utmost, and every job is done by hand without overlooking any detail, from the restoration and polishing with shellac to the interior lining.


Next, Draga & Aurel rethink and reinvent the furniture, giving them a new contemporary flair. Combining their skills and past experience in fashion, textiles, art and design, they apply the best and most appropriate creative craftsmanship techniques – such as screen printing, resin covering and brass casting – to bring a second life to the object while preserving its heritage.

Following is a selection of the latest creations, some of which were exclusively unveiled during Milan Design Week at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan.

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ANIKA original chest of drawers | 50’s Italian chest of drawers, restored and restyled according to the artist’s taste. The structure is completed in rosewood with French handmade polishing. The front is decorated with a combination of colors and finished with epoxy resin. Back-painted glass on the top. The handles are made of brass and the wooden legs.
DIMENSIONS: W 210, D 52, H 74.5 (approx.)
DIMENSIONS: W 110, D 40, H 158 (approx.)

TRIANGLE table | 60’s functional table designed by Peter Ghyczy for Form + Life Collection. Consisting of 6 individual tables that can be placed as desired: individually as a side table, 2 as a desk, 3 as a console, etc.
Connecting brass elements for fixing the tables. Painted polyurethane hard foam with velvet-like matte effect.

About Draga & Aurel

Set up in 2007 by Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, Draga & Aurel is a multidisciplinary studio and workshop for art, collectible design, and furnishing items. Armed with a diversified background in art, fashion, and craftsmanship, Draga & Aurel are widely known for combining original methods with an artistic approach to materials and composition. Pioneers in upcycling in the design sector, Draga & Aurel began their journey by reinventing vintage furniture and objects in their own style and shaping the first Deshabillé and Heritage collections. Their 2009 debut at Milan Design Week marked the beginning of significant partnerships with furniture companies, the first of which were Baxter and Wall&Deco, followed throughout the years by others, including Visionnaire and Gallotti&Radice. In 2019, the couple staggered the crowds at Milan Design Week with a new personal project: the Transparency Matters collection, which explores the use and significance of transparency in art and design. It was acclaimed by the press and sparked the interest of prestigious galleries, such as the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, with which important collaborations would arise in the following years. Their design production stands alongside the artist output of Aurel K. Basedow, comprising powerful, evocative, and poetic works. At Draga & Aurel, art and design follow two parallel and complementary paths, in a continuous exchange that strengthens and sometimes inverts their meanings.

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