Window Shopping: a peek inside the fashionable Legends of La Cienega storefronts

The event: LCDQ Legends 2023. The theme: The Fashion of Home.

Each year, A-list interior designers are selected to design 45 furniture showroom windows along Melrose and La Cienega.The occasion is the highly sought-after Legends of La Cienega event and the theme this year was The Fashion of Home. This year’s window design line-up included Eric Hughes, Ken Fulk, Alexa Hampton, Jake Arnold, Paloma Contreras, David Frazier, Amy Meier, Breegan Jane, Noz Nozawa, Studio Heimat and more.

Cache | Ryhdima Brar

Fashion and home design share an intriguing bond, constantly influencing and inspiring one another. These two realms of creative expression intertwine in captivating ways, offering a glimpse into the interplay of personal style and living spaces. From patterns and textures to color palettes and silhouettes, the windows of this year’s LCDQ Legends explore how these realms of creativity influence and inspire one another, creating a vibrant dialogue between personal style and the spaces we inhabit. Let’s window shop:

The Rug Company | Ken Fulk

Texture & Pattern in The Fashion of Home

Just as fashion designers meticulously select fabrics and patterns to craft unique garments, interior designers curate textiles and textures to breathe life into living spaces. From timeless houndstooth and floral motifs to luxurious velvet and sleek leather, these elements bridge the gap between fashion and interior design, adding depth, personality, and visual interest to both our wardrobes and our homes.

Gracie | Alexa Hampton

Colorful Windows for Spring

Colors evoke emotions and set the tone for any visual composition. Fashion designers keenly select hues that reflect current trends or express individuality. Similarly, interior designers carefully choose color schemes to create ambiance and enhance the desired mood within a home. The fusion of color theories across these realms ensures a cohesive and harmonious experience for individuals expressing their personal style through fashion and home design.

Mecox | Eric Hughes
Jamal’s Rug Collection | Madeline Stuart

Fashionable Silhouettes

The world of fashion has long been celebrated for its diverse silhouettes and shapes that celebrate individual body types and fashion trends. Similarly, home design embraces architectural elements, furniture, and decor to create spaces with unique personalities. The flow of lines, curves, and angles in both fashion and home design impacts how we perceive beauty, movement, and balance.

Trend-Setting in Fashion and Home

Fashion designers often set the stage for trends that ripple through various creative industries. From runway shows to street style, the influence of fashion extends to home design, inspiring interior designers to reinterpret trends into innovative decor and furnishings. Conversely, the world of home design can inspire fashion designers, with architectural details, textures, and color palettes finding their way onto runways and red carpets.

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Marc Phillips | Studio Heimat

Distinctive Personal Style

Both fashion and home design provide us with avenues to showcase our individuality, tastes, and values. The aesthetics we surround ourselves with are an extension of our identity, creating spaces that speak to our souls and closets that reflect our personal flair.

Compas | CarbonShack

Photos by Peter Christiansen Valli 

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