Interior designer John McClain offering online courses

As part of the launch of his new book, “The Designer Within: A Professional Guide to a Well-Styled Home,” interior designer John McClain is offering two online courses on Oct. 14.

John McClain is a designer, author, business coach and on-air contributor. His new book will be released Sept. 6.

Through the book, which is intended for both homeowners and interior designers, McClain provides readers with a list of actionable items to implement within their own homes and projects. The two courses — one for each audience — will teach McClain’s methods for “successfully becoming an interior designer, whether it’s in your own home or starting an interior design business,” according to a news release. 


The first course, “The Designer Within: Homeowner,” will lead participants through the entire design process that professionals use — from the first concept to the placement of the final accessory — and will include exterior design techniques. 

The second course, “The Designer Within: Business,” includes all the systems, processes, marketing, contracts, templates and practical, easy-to-implement business structures that interior design professionals need every day.

More specifically, according to a news release, the course for professional interior designers will walk participants through:

1. The Business Mindset: Run your design business with a CEO mindset, embracing abundance over scarcity.

2. Financials: Price your services, forecast sales and securely plan your company finances all year.

3. Systems & Processes: Run your entire firm in a consistent manner to bring success to you and your clients.      

4. Marketing & Sales: Simple but powerful ways to brand your business and market to ideal clients.

5. Contracts & Templates: Access to all contracts and templates needed to operate (and protect) your company.

To register for a seat in an online course, click here or email

McClain is a designer, speaker, business coach and on-air contributor. His design firm, John McClain Design, has offices in Orlando, Florida, and Los Angeles.

His new book will be released Sept. 6 and is available now for presale anywhere books are sold. Signed copies are available at More information about the two courses also can be found on that website.

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