Nathan Anthony hosts Fayette Studio at Fall market

The upholstery specialist is showcasing Fayette’s custom rugs in its InterHall showroom

LOS ANGELES, September 2023— Custom upholstery resource Nathan Anthony Furniture announces it will host Fayette Studio, a leading provider of bespoke rugs, in their High Point Market InterHall showroom, IH-602, Oct. 13 – 18. 

Showing for the first time at Market, Fayette Studio will present its upscale rugs in a showroom display coordinated with Nathan Anthony furniture. The Fayette Studio collections feature flatweaves, hand-knotted and Moroccan rug styles, crafted from luxurious materials like felted wool and alpaca. The company offers an extensive concierge service to guide interior designers through the process of customizing a finished rug. 


The two brands are aligned in their positioning at the upper end of the market, while also sharing a focus on customization capabilities within their respective product categories.

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Recognized for its mastery of upholstery craft, Nathan Anthony is a luxury furnishings resource for interior designers and upscale dealers. Award-winning designs are fully customizable and benchmade-to-order at the company’s Los Angeles based production studio. Personalization options include frame size, cushion fill, C.O.M., C.O.L,  and other fabric-to-frame specifications, wood and metal finishes, and more. Nathan Anthony’s unique Custom Design Concierge™ service includes a highly specialized team, on call to successfully facilitate custom projects and minimize errors.


Fayette Studio is a leading provider of custom and bespoke rugs, offering a wide range of design-forward options to the trade. From flatweaves to hand-knotted, the brand offers customization for almost any rug type, ensuring the perfect fit for your project. We work to curate a unique and elevated collection of rugs, featuring our own Fayette collection as well as industry trusted rug brands and private label manufacturers. In addition to our vast selection, the Fayette Studio team provides full concierge services, working with their network of industry professionals and product experts to provide a variety of design options at various price points. 

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