Nice Link to debut largest collections to inspire big upholstery refresh

Nice Link Home Furnishings, a supplier of fabric upholstery in the industry, will make its largest introduction at the upcoming Interwoven May 22-25 in High Point.

Bold and playful patterns Eta (the floral) and Emily (the brushstrokes) exude a retro vibe.

Nice Link’s new collection of body cloths include fine chenille and unique novelty yarns woven on updated solid and spaced dyed warps. The selection of 26 body cloths features a vibrant velvet, intricate chevron, textured twill, organic fabrics and menswear looks in a range of colors, from neutrals to fresh emerging colors.


“This is an aggressive introduction of 26 new body cloths, which is twice what we usually debut, because we feel the marketplace is ready for a big refresh at retail,” said Doug Henderson, vice president of residential upholstery fabrics at Nice Link.

The body cloth collection includes a printed velvet that reduces tracking while also giving a washed, unique textured look, and a faux suede with minimal tracking with the highly popular Nubuck leather look.

Nice Link will debut four inspired collections that capture home interior trends and the modern lifestyle.

The Modern Vintage collection offers a feeling of nostalgia and comfort, and an appreciation of the luxury and splendor of design from the past, according to the company. Patterns in the collection are filled with historical references but updated with a modern sensibility. Bold and playful patterns Eta and Emily exude a retro vibe. Eta is a modern floral with vintage appeal with its detailed weaves and a fresh, springtime-inspired colorway. Emily is the perfect complement, featuring a pattern of hand-painted brushstrokes.

The Return to Nature collection layers leaf and floral motifs with organic shape and textures.

The Positive Mood collection tells a bold story of abstract artisty, irregular geometrics and contrasting textures to create dramatic accent pieces, the company said. It gives a cutting-edge feel of contemporary designs with strong silhouettes, defined lines and unexpected color combinations. Printed velvets Optimistic and Sumptuous work perfectly together for contemporary interiors. Gold accents add a touch of luxe to Optimistic, a stunning abstract watercolor. Sumptuous, featuring a subtle striae and soft hand, is the epitome of elegance.

Strong, graphic motifs with bold color combinations can be found in Urban Revival, a collection that appeals to young, design-driven consumers living in modern dwellings, according to the company. Influenced by visual thems found in city living, from architecture, tiles, shop windows displays and flower markets, patterns include sinuous lines, amorphous shapes, stripes and checks range from small and compact to large scale designs.

The Return to Nature collection brings the beauty and benefits of nature into the home, drawing from botanical influences by layering leaf and floral motifs with organic shape and textures. The collection creates a harmonious story with vivid colors and a feeling of kinship between interior and exterior spaces, the company said.

The Nice Link showroom is located on the 10th floor of the historic Market Square Textile Tower.

Nice Link Home Furnishings is a vertically integrated operation with 1,700 skilled employees across a 1.5-million-square-foot campus in Haining, China. Its operation includes a fabric mill with an in-house team of international designers, cut-and-sew fabric and leather, and 20 lines of upholstery manufacturing that serve many of the top U.S. manufacturers and retailers. It’s U.S. division is headquarterd in Orlando, Florida.

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