Science in Design will launch the Design, Art & Science Symposium in October 2023

science in design summit in high point

High Point, NC ( July 17, 2023) Science in Design announces the first-ever Design,  Art & Science Symposium which will take place in High Point, NC, on October 12-14, 2023.

Brought to you by Science In Design Founder, Mike Peterson, President, of Visionary Design Marketing, and Co-founder, Linda Kafka, President, of Livable Environment Inc., the inaugural Design, Art & Science Symposium will offer innovative education, from the leading experts and scholars in the field of science and design as well as networking, experiential exhibits, product discovery, innovation and inspiration. 


Science In Design Founder, Mike Peterson commented, “Science in Design is breaking the mold. The convergence of science and design is changing the future of interior design and build industries. The Design, Art & Science Symposium will present cutting-edge and game-changing education that documents design’s ability to improve health.” Held in person and in tandem with High Point Market, the Design, Art & Science Symposium will hold its main educational event on Friday, October 13th from 8 AM to 5 PM at The Loft at Congdon Yards. 

Ayesha Oglesby, VP of Operations for the Business High Point – Chamber of Commerce, which manages Congdon Yards, shared “We are thrilled to have been selected as one of the host venues for the inaugural Design, Art & Science Symposium. This innovative event aligns perfectly with the mission of Congdon Yards and will help further High Point as a world-class city for art and design.” 

The Symposium’s educational agenda will deliver a multi-events program that includes (7) presentations and (2) panel discussions that will offer evidence-based education on science in design. Leading experts in the field of science and design will document the impact science and design have on client physical and emotional health. Attendees will also learn why science thinks of the design industry as an “alternative health resource”

Science in Design Co-founder, Linda Kafka, commented, “We will offer exceptional content from our Science in Design faculty and other leading experts in the field of cognitive architecture, biophilia, and neuroscience. Speakers will provide content from the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Oregon, University of Texas, with studies and research from Eurac, in Athens Greece, and with additional medical industry sources documenting how beauty, nature, and design improves health.”

Cyril Jefferson, City Council commented, “The Design, Art & Science Symposium event will be an incredible opportunity for design professionals and practitioners from all over the world to come together, learn, and build relationships regarding a very important topic of discussion that has life-changing ramifications. In High Point, as a global capital for arts and design, we understand the significance of the design profession. Hosting this event here in our city brings me great pride and joy, and I am grateful that we will have the opportunity to elevate the value proposition of design in this extraordinary way.”

Design, Art & Science Symposium’s 3-Day Event Agenda

  • Thursday, Oct 12, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Symposium Welcome Reception at Hall of Fame
  • Friday, Oct 13, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM   Symposium Main Educational Event at Congdon YardsFriday, Oct 13, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Meet The Symposium Speakers Cocktail Mixer 
  • Saturday, Oct 14, 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM  Science in Design Exhibit & Experiential Pop-ups

Design, Art & Science Symposium’s registration is now open and tickets are available on Eventbrite. The Symposium is a B2B trade event designed to deliver cutting-edge, evidence-based education, with a global reach. It will inspire and educate the entire design industry including designers, architects, manufacturers, retailers, educators, design students, and others on their ability to improve the health of their clients. 

The Symposium’s Call for Contributors is also open. This open call is for experienced experts in the fields of science and design to submit topics and proposed presentations for the October 13th educational program. This inaugural event is looking for a wide range of speakers including interior designers, educators, thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries. The deadline for submissions is August 11th and speakers will be notified soon after. 

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The support of this event is made possible by Science in Design’s Partners: 3M, Benjamin MooreStone Peak CeramicsIMotionsPhillips CollectionHooker Furnishings, and TRIO, as well as supporters American Home Furnishings Hall of FameBusiness High Point Chamber of CommerceCongdon Yards, Visit High PointHigh Point By Design and High Point Market Authority. For more information on becoming a partner or on sponsoring the event contact

About Science in Design

Science in Design is dedicated to educating the design and trade industries on the physical and emotional health benefits of beauty, nature, and fine design. Their mission is to help the industry to learn innovative, evidence-based education and to incorporate the healing power of beauty; a power documented by the study of neuroaesthetics and medicine. By incorporating their strategies they help the industry realize its role as an alternative health resource. Their specialties help to translate the convergence of science and design and the practical principles for interior designers, architects, home builders, manufacturers, and retailers so that they can understand the principles for biophilia, neuroaesthetics, neuroscience, circadian rhythms, nature x design, cognitive architecture and the health benefits to creating a more sustainable livable environment. For more information visit

About Design, Art & Science Symposium

Design, Art & Science Symposium is a B2B trade event created to offer innovative, cutting-edge, evidence-based education with a global reach. This event seeks to inspire the B2B trade industry including designers, architects, manufacturers, retailers, educators, design students, and others. Held in person and in tandem with High Point Market, the Design, Art & Science Symposium offers innovative education, from the leading experts in the field of science and design. With a multi-events program that will take place October 12-14, 2023, this inaugural and ground-breaking event offers education, networking, product discovery, experiential pop-ups, and a next-level exhibit at the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame, that is designed to inspire the trade industries, as well as a consumer audience.For more information on partnership and sponsorship opportunities please contact in the USA: Mike Peterson, and for International Linda Kafka,

About Congdon Yards & The Loft | Experience the Virtual Tour!

Located in the heart of downtown High Point, The Loft has a history all its own. A century’s worth of memories live in the warm wood plank floors, timber columns and original brick from the hosiery mill that a generation ago fueled our region’s economy. Today, these touchstones, enhanced by an elegant artistic design, set the mood and set the stage for life’s great moments. With four distinct event spaces and two private suites, The Loft can adapt to events of all sizes and styles. From an industry meetup or conferences where rising stars share a craft cocktail and creative ideas, to a black-tie gala where ballgown-clad guests raise their goblets with joyful “Cheers!”

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