Jamie Young

Atlanta Market Product Previews Summer 2024

This Summer at Atlanta Market, designers can expect to see a focus on organic shapes, natural materials and muted color palettes. Sustainability remains a central theme, with several brands highlighting eco-friendly practices and materials. Mixed metals, particularly brass and antiqued finishes, feature prominently in lighting and accent pieces. This market’s offerings also reflect a growing interest in modular and multifunctional furniture designed for contemporary lifestyles.

Product previews: Atlanta Market Winter 2024

While perusing the product preview submissions for Atlanta Market, Winter 2024, we noticed recurring terms in the product descriptions: fun, ease, texture, warmth, and modernity.

How Jamie Young stays fresh and focused

After more than 25 years in the home furnishings industry, Jamie Young is determined to keep her business — and her products — fresh.

Las Vegas market product previews: lighting

Tulipa is inspired by Tulips for their translucent and colorful petals. The Tulipa Collection makes a statement with curved pink and green glass shapes that alternate colors and adorn the center column. The column features a downlight with integrated LED lamping and a frosted glass diffuser.