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High Point by Design announces new board members

HPxD also confirmed Emily Mansfield as Assistant Secretary. Mansfield is an accomplished and versatile human resources specialist and ceramicist living in High Point. Adept at building and maintaining relationships across all levels of an organization, her passion for organizational growth while fostering an inclusive and engaging work environment aligns with HPxD’s vision and values. 
HPxD Board Officers Tom Van Dessel (President), Cass Key (Vice President), Frank Leyon (Membership), and Jack Hendrix (Treasurer) will continue in their roles. 

John Conrad is spreading the gospel on why it’s great to work in the home furnishings industry

John Conrad’s career in home furnishings has spanned nearly five decades. From furniture rep to executive director of the International Society of Furniture Designers to design podcast host, he’s worn many hats and still has his finger on the pulse. In conversation with DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter, John Conrad discusses what’s changed and stayed the same in the industry, what it’s going to take to make the industry attractive to young talent, and what keeps him excited about the industry.

High Point x Design hosts guests at the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame for its 2nd annual general membership meeting

High Point x Design (HPxD) is a 501(c)6 organization that unites the industry’s best flagships, brands, manufacturers, makers, artists and visionaries who envision High Point as a year-round hub for design and creativity. By promoting and sharing the city’s uniquely creative ecosystem through design tourism, education, events and community outreach, HPxD seeks to impact change in the High Point community and beyond. To learn more visit: HPXD.ORG

Bienenstock Furniture Library has new board leaders, members

The Bienenstock Furniture Library in High Point has announced board leaders and new board members.…

Registration now open for Vacation Rental Design Summit

Registration is now open for the inaugural Vacation Rental Design Summit. Presented by High Point…